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Video: Florida State's planned facility upgrades are stunning

Guys in the football offices at Florida State admit to being behind the times a bit when it came to the football building, but with a National Championship comes new expectations.

That's part of the reason behind giving the facility a new look, especially the locker room, meeting rooms, lounges, and coaches offices. In other words, the stuff that the players and coaches use everyday.

Some of the ideas that they have (like putting the numbers of past players that have wore the jersey number before them in their lockers) have been done before, but they've also thought of plenty of original ideas to distinguish the new facility from anything else out there in college or professional sports.

"We're one of the top programs in the nation, so we didn't want to model our locker room off anyone else's, so we asked a company, 'What's the best locker you've designed?' and they said 'Well in football we love the Dallas Cowboys locker room, and in baseball we really love the New York Yankees locker.'" Mark Robinson, the DFO for the Seminoles explained.

"So we took the best of both of their ideas and put them together in the individual lockers that players are going to use, and when they see that, even just a picture of it, they get so excited."

They've put a ton of thought into what the new facility is going to look like, and just judging from the renderings that are available in the video, and the insight that Robinson and associate AD Monk Bonasorte provide, it's going to be an incredible tool for the university when it comes to recruiting and retaining players and competing for national title in the near future.

Renovations are set to begin in mid-April.