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After a season ending injury, this player gets heartwarming visitor

Some teams do it during the regular season, while others make sure to do it during bowl trips, but either way most programs around the country find some way to give back to the community by visiting a Children's hospital. It gives players some really good perspective on where football sits in the big picture and offers the opportunity to brighten the day of a sick kid, and gives kids the chance to mingle with some of their role models that they see playing for their favorite team every Saturday.

Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux was one of the many Bearcat players who made friends during a children's hospital visit when he met a 10 year old boy named Logan, who was receiving treatments and battling leukemia. Just a few weeks ago, CIncinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux had a season ending knee injury and during a recent visit to the hospital where he was receiving treatment, his old friend Logan turned the tables and decided to visit him to help lift his spirits during his recovery process.

Mission accomplished from the looks of it.

You can tell both parties got a little emotional. What a great story. The two now share a bond that is likely to go far beyond the confines of any hospital or football field.

Take a look at the heartwarming reunion below.