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Chief not so high on "Third & Chavis" tag

LSU defensive coordinator doesn’t exactly like the “Third & Chavis” tag that became associate with the veteran coach during his days at Tennessee (1995-2008).

So when a reporter asked Chavis about third-downs during LSU media day, here’s how Chavis responded:

“There was some John or Joe or Jack or Bill several years ago, and he couldn't find a lot to be critical of so he wanted to be critical of our third-down production. So that's fine. And let me just tell you where we are, OK."

"Our goal is 70 percent," Chavis said. "If we finish at 70 percent on third down, then we're going to finish probably at the top of the league. There's no question about that. So, yeah, the opportunity is there to improve."

“We finished at 75 percent, and that's pretty good. Eighty percent will put you in the top of the country. So we can improve a little bit there."

In 2010, Chavis will have the luxury of having a dominant corner in Patrick Peterson. In case you haven’t see Peterson’s branding video created by the LSU video department, you can watch it right here.