Chip Kelly explains how he uses his offense to land defensive recruits

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Oregon is known for their uniform combinations, and high octane offense that's executed with some of the fastest skill players in the country.

However, last week against Arizona it was the defense that got the job done, finishing with a shutout despite the Wildcats taking six trips inside the red zone.

Kelly noted on Sirius XM radio today that he's been bragging about his defense since he was hired as the head coach, people just weren't listening.

Kelly was then asked about the recruiting pitch that he sells to defensive players (specifically defensive lineman and linebackers) when he sits down in front of them, trying to sell the Oregon defense.

"That's easy," Kelly explained. "Our whole philosophy is speed, speed, speed whether your on offense or defense."

"Our job is real easy, you go into a defensive lineman's home and ask him if you want to rush the quarterback...Because you're going to play on a team with one of the most explosive offenses in the country, and your going to get to rush the passer. People have more passing attempts against us than they do against most people because people are usually down when they play us."

"If kids want to pin their ears back and go after the quarterback, then come here because you'll have an opportunity to do it more here than you will anywhere else." he said.

Kelly also says that the fact that their defense is on the field for more snaps per game compared to a lot of other teams is another selling point.

"I don't know how someone can go into a kid's home and say 'Hey, we run a great ball control offense, we hold the ball for 40 minutes a game, and you're going to get to play 25 or 30 snaps on defense...Come play for us!'" 

Oregon takes on Washington State this weekend up in Pullman. Kick off is scheduled for 10:30pm ET, and the game can be seen on ESPN2.