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Chip Kelly: I don't understand that coaching concept

After practice yesterday a reporter asked Chip Kelly if they held anything back from their offensive game plan as the game progressed during their win against Arkansas State.

Kelly responded by explaining that he doesn't understand why a coach would do that.

"Our game plan was executed in terms of what we wanted to do going in to those guys. We never make any decision on what we're going to run or not going to run by how much we show there."

"I don't understand that concept because if you go 'We need to have this route in, but we didn't practice it cause we didn't think we'd need it'...then you're in trouble."

"A lot of it is based on how they defended it and how they came out and what we had practiced against, which was a good thing. We thought they were going to a four down front team and a little bit of odd situations for us and that's how they came out. So our game plan kind of played out the way we thought it would play out...thank goodness."