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Chip Kelly not pleased with ball security

Chip Kelly has rewarded 4 walk-ons with scholarships. That’s seven in two years, as Kelly rewarded three walk-ons during the 2009 camp.

Ball security, however, has been an issue with the Ducks’ offense during camp.

“The quarterbacks did a better job of doing their job at ball security,’’ Kelly said. “Now, it’s the receivers and the running backs.’’

“The biggest thing we’re talking about with our guys right now is turnovers. Our defense is doing a great job of creating them, and a lot of times it’s because we’re not doing a great job at ball security offensively.’’

“Offensively we’ve got to do a better job of holding on to it. We’ve got some teachable moments that tonight in meetings we’ll talk about.”

Regarding the walk-ons, Kelly said, “If we’ve got scholarships available and I’ve got guys who have worked their tails off and have done everything I’ve asked them to do, both on and off the field, then they deserve it. And those four guys are exactly what we’re looking for.’’

Oregon hosts New Mexico in the season-open on September 4th. In case you don't think Autzen Stadium can get loud, check out this 25 second video: