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Chip Kelly wants his defensive coordinator 'a little off'

Chip Kelly has been searching for a defensive coordinator since he got to Philadelphia, but he wouldn't exactly call it "work".

“I’ve been pretty thorough, unless it’s somebody that I’ve either coached with or had a real good working knowledge of. It’s talking football, talking philosophies, talking strategies. It’s stuff I love to do. To me, that’s not work.”

Kelly explained the need to be thorough during the process, and how it may be difficult to find the right fit when you haven't necessarily worked with, or know someone who has worked with, the guys that you're considering. Combine that with the fact that it's his first time as an NFL head coach making a hire of this magnitude, making a the right hire is extremely important.

“That’s why the process takes a little time. Because if you haven’t worked with him before, and you don’t know people that have really worked with him that you trust, then it’s more than just getting a feel for what they’re all about. And that’s a wide range of topics.”

“You need really, really, smart people. People who are dedicated. You need people who are just a little bit ‘off’ too.”

Ivan Rogers of FanIQ explains that it's understood that Kelly is focused on guys that can bring a scheme that can stop opponents on third down, in the red zone, and during the fourth quarter, and he's not afraid to take his time.

“I’m not worried about who we don’t get, I’m worried about who we do get. I wanna make sure that that person is the right fit, because I don’t wanna be like, ‘God, I wish I’d spent a little more time and investigated this.’"

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