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Attention: Do not ask Chip Kelly how position battles are going this spring

Oregon will play their spring game on Saturday. Chip Kelly says it’s a full game, kick-offs and everything.

Following Wednesday’s practice, a reporter asked Kelly, “Of all the position battles in the spring, which has been the most fun for you to watch?”

Kelly, as he often says the unexpected, responded, “There aren’t position battles in the spring. We don’t have a depth chart. We don’t play a game until September 3rd. If I tell somebody you’re a starter today, that means absolutely nothing.”

“That has no bearing on the game we play in September, so there aren’t any position battles right now. Our goal every day in our program is for every player to get better every day.”

“Nobody has a position right now. Every day is a competition at every position.”

"(How you played the last time out) means nothing. It's means absolutely nothing. It's how you play the next play, the next snap, the next opportunity you have. You can't dwell on (the last play). I can't let the last mistake make my next mistake."

You can watch the Ducks’ spring game at 4 pm EST on ESPN 2. Not surprisingly, Nike has some new uniforms for the Ducks.