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Chip Kelly: We have zero 5-star recruits in our top 44, plus latest from Harbaugh, Wulff

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly compares Ducks and Trojans: “We have zero five-star recruits in our top 44 and we have 11 four-star recruits.”

“I keep hearing that USC’s down. In their two-deep, out of their 44 players they have 12 five-star recruits and 26 four-star recruits. I don’t know if there’s anybody in the country that has that.”

Lane Kiffin points out Arizona State forced Oregon to punt 11 times: "I think that game in general, if you study it will surprise a lot of people. Oregon punted 11 times in that game. (Arizona State) forced 11 punts (but) they turned the ball over seven times. They had to go out there seven times with turnovers. If there is a blueprint for how to play them, they did it."

Chris Petersen knows Boise State could have played better in 49-20 win over LA Tech: “It was a good win, but it wasn’t a great win, just in terms of our side of things and playing as cleanly as we wanted.”

Jim Harbaugh explains how he wants his Stanford team to improve: “What we are focused on is improving every day. Daily improvement. Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today. This improvement would not only include performance but also relationship with our teammates, family, friends, school, making today the most important day on the calendar, making the next game the most important schedule, making the next meeting most important you’ll have, the next drill is the most productive of the season. We believe what will follow is significant team improvement. Improvement leads to wins, wins lead to championship. Improvement daily equals team success. That’s what we are striving for.”

Wazzu head coach Paul Wulff says Cougars are getting there: "We're just at the tip of the iceberg with this. We're nowhere near where we know we can be or where we're going to be. We've got great young players coming along as we continue to groom them and they develop. I think we're going to be back at the top of the Pac-10 in total offense in the next few years without question."

"All the coaches I've talked to and that we deal with are very complimentary and surprised, to some degree, on how much we've improved. I think that's been really positive. It's nice to have people see that and also their view of where we're at as a program right now is a lot different than it was."

Steve Sarkisian talks about loss to Arizona: “They got out to a lead and forced us into a more of a real drop-back passing situation. In turn, their (defensive) ends played the factor in the ballgame we were fearful of. The game went south quickly.”