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Chip Kelly: 'You can't be a selective participant in life'

Before the questions turned to NFL rumors during yesterday's final Fiesta Bowl press conference, Chip Kelly joked around with the media when asked about his philosophy on dealing with the media and how it matches up with Bill Snyder's outlook (who's rarely excited to talk to the media).

"I think that's probably where myself and coach Snyder differ." Kelly said, eliciting a chuckle from the media in attendance.

"It's certainly the highlight of my day. I love it when it's the first thing in the morning because it can't get any worse after this. We may have the worst practice every today, but I'll say, 'Hey guys, you should have seen what I just went through."

Then Kelly switched gears and noted that he has to remind himself on occasion that you can't be a selective participant as you go through life.

"One thing that I talk to our players about all the time, and that I think is important and I have to check myself on it too, is that in life, you can't be a selective participant. You don't get to pick and choose what you like to do, if we did, It would be total anarchy in this world if we just did what we liked."

"There are certain things that you do that probably aren't the highest on your priority list, in terms of what you have a full passion for, but it comes with the territory." Kelly explained.