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Chizik as defensive coordinator

Auburn defensive backs coach Tommy Thigpen was asked today what he thought of Gene Chizik's role of defensive coordinator for the bowl game.

"He is very detail oriented" Thigpen said. He added that accountability and intensity have been the biggest changes so far. On occasion, Thigpen said that Chizik will ask a question, goes over it for 30 minutes, and when you see him again on the practice field, you'd better be sure to have the correct answer or "you got to deal with it" he said with a grin.

"It makes guys accountable. When they are in the meeting rooms, you can see them scrambling, taking notes and making sure that when they go on the football field, they do exactly what he told them to do to carry it over to the practice field. It's been intense." Coach Thigpen added.

Coach Thigpen has some great insight in the interview below.