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Chizik compliments assistant coach, talks Friday night routine

Gene Chizik talks about the most improved part of this Auburn team: “The physicality and the play of our offensive line. They have been a huge part of us being able to run the football. Not that the perimeter blocking hasn’t been a big part of that, but I think goes back to our offensive line.”

“The other thing is our special teams has given us a chance to compete each week. I think Coach Boulware has done a great job with our young guys, getting them into the special teams way of life and getting them to understand that’s their role on our team. Last year, we struggled with the same exact schemes with different people.”

“Friday nights are a deal where we really just try to find a place of refuge. You’re trying to find a place where you can be with your team, relax and have some fun. We’ve put in a lot of hard week during the week. We try to do some things that really are just about our 70 guys we bring with us and the coaches. We’re always looking for ways to treat our guys first class, because that’s what we expect them to do when they represent Auburn.”

Mark Richt on Todd Grantham’s choking signal to Florida kicker: “I’m aware of it, and I would just say that emotions run high. People do things they probably wish they didn’t do. I think that was what was being communicated. I don’t think he’s necessarily proud of it. We’re just going to learn from it and move on.”

Quoting David Cutcliffe pleased with quarterback Sean Renfree’s 28 of 30 game against Navy: “If you are accurate with you layoff throws, you are going to gain 3 or 4 more yards after the catch. We once had Tee Martin go 25 of 27 and I think Eli started 18 of 19 in his first game.”

Bo Pelini on the talk of legit vs. helmet-to-helmet hits: "I was sick of it three weeks ago."

Joe Paterno on Northwestern QB Dan Persa: "We probably should have been a little more aggressive in our approach to [recruiting] him."

Quoting Bronco Mendenhall : "Each (season) has come with its own set of trials; I can't say it's been more trying."

Kirk Ferentz talks about the return of Norm Parker: "I'm not sure it's a Win One For The Gipper Story, but it's great to have Norm back."