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Chizik not talking about 8-0 or rankings, Shannon feels no relief despite win

Gene Chizik doing everything he can to keep Auburn focused on the right things: "This is a step-by-step, day-by-day process, and I know that sounds like coaching clichés, but that is what it is. We are not going to talk about where we end up ranking-wise. We are not going to talk about being 8-0. We are not going to talk about any of that. We are going to talk about Ole Miss next week starting (Sunday), and that is how we will proceed."

Randy Shannon says he feels no relief in beating UNC for first time: “It ain't going to change. There's going to be somebody tomorrow who is going to say something, so it doesn't make a difference. It's not a relief. It's just the way it is in Miami. You have to move on.''

“Guys played with a lot of emotion, a lot of enthusiasm. They had fun. This is a team that is creating its own identity.''

Mark Dantonio gets ready for stretch run at Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue, at Penn State: "One thing about that football team is we found out how to win close games. All the games were close, starting with the fourth game against Cincinnati. Guys made plays down the stretch and that's what's happening to our football team right now. Guys are making plays down the stretch and I think that speaks to our players' leadership on the field.

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone says simplying schemes was key to beating WVU: “You lose a game like we did last week (Pitt), this is no time to expand. We really stressed the little things and simplified the game plan.”

Texas Tech used ‘The Wildcat’ against Colorado, offensive coordinator Neal Brown explains:
“Really the reason we got into it, there’s a little bit of deception invovled because it’s hard (for the defense) to find the ball,” Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown said. “The other reason is we wanted to get a downhill run. We feel like our backs are pretty physical guys and we want to get them running downhill, and then we can build off the package. It’s good for play action, and we can get some good screens.”