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Chizik: Our best defense is going to be our offense staying on the field

Gene Chizik explains Malzahn hire, talks Arkansas during Tim Brando Radio Show: (on why he hired Gus Malzahn)”You have to look at yourself and ask, 'Is that something I would hate to defend?' To me, that was an emphatic, 'Yes.' He’s one of the best coordinators in the country. It (his system) has worked at every level.”

“We’ve had a lot of teams try to throw it 35-50 times against us. Our thing is we don’t want to give up the big plays. Defensively, we’ve made some strides. We need to get more pass rush.”

"Our best defense is going to be our offense staying out on the field. We really have to manage the clock."

“We have to get better with our tailback running game. We are committed to it, but there’s no question we have to get better there.”

Arizona coach Mike Stoops hypes up Wazzu: "This is far and away his best team. One through 22, with his starters, (this is) the best group of players he's had, the most skill he's had, the most physical presence on the offensive line he's had. You can see them start to turn the corner."

UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham says 3-4 allows you to play younger players: “I think, actually I know the 3-4 allows you to play with younger guys because in a 3-4 your outside backers are going to be very athletic guys, but they may not have the strength of a 4-3 defensive end. I think the 3-4 allows you to play younger players and athletic players earlier in their careers. Sometimes it takes a year or two in the weight room to play a 4-3 defensive end.”

Quoting Bret Bielema: “We actually own the best home record in Big Ten over the last 5 years. We are 40-4.”

CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweets: “Only beers up in sales in last year? Busch Light (6.65%), Natty Light (4.18%) & Miller High Life (2%)"