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Chris Petersen doesn't see himself as a head coach in ten years

At 48 years old, many coaches would consider Boise State's Chris Petersen to be in his coaching prime. He's accumulated an impressive 84-8 record as the head coach at Boise State, including a 51-4 mark in conference play and a 5-2 bowl record. 

By all accounts, he's one of the most successful coaches in the country at any level. That's precisely the reason why we were surprised to see Petersen reveal in a CBS article this morning that he doesn't see himself as a head coach in ten years.

According to Petersen, "everything has a shelf life", including his coaching career. He went on to say that he's the type of guy that needs to be doing something all of the time, so he may pick up teaching, or maybe even go back to being a position coach (or perhaps a consultant for Chris Ault).

With that being said, Petersen recognizes how special it is to have coached in the same spot for so long in a profession that rarely keeps coaches around the full length of their contract.

"I've been at Boise for my 13th year. When we moved there my son was going into kindergarten and now he's off to college. How many coaches say that? That was cool. At one time I thought that was so great, but heck sometimes when you have to move it forces the kids to develop other skills."

The college football landscape would seem a lot different without Petersen pulling the strings in Boise, and with the clock constantly ticking toward his 23rd season at Boise, we should all enjoy the Broncos' success, and how Petersen continues to build his program, while we still can.

However, ten years is an eternity in the coaching profession. Crazier things have happened.

Read Petersen's full interview here.