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Chris Petersen praises coaching staff, talks VA Tech special teams

At Thursday’s press conference, Boise State head coach Chris Petersen praised his coaching staff and talked about the challenge of playing against Frank Beamer’s special teams. 

“I probably can’t say enough about the coaches we have here. I don’t say it enough. I truly believe that we have unbelievable coaches. I think these guys could coach anywhere in the country…some of them could go there for a lot more money. It has a tremendous amount to do with our success. I think it always start with the players, but equally as much as how these guys are coached, how they are treated, how they are developed and it goes to the assistant coaches. Without question, (it's) one of the number one things to our success around here.”

(on going against the VA Tech special teams) “It’s going to be a tremendous challenge without a doubt. When this game first came on the schedule, we didn’t have to say anything about their special teams. Our kids were saying that to us. With that being said, it doesn’t make the challenge any easier. You put their tape on and you’re like ‘Ok, yeah, this is a problem.’ Coach Beamer made the comment about this year in terms of blocking kicks that they they have as much skill as they’ve ever had, which didn’t make us feel any better around here.” 

“When you just look at their team, offense and defense, they have top caliber athletes and they are coached well. It’s the exact same thing on special teams. He’s the point man on them, so they are coached well. If the head coach is in charge of it, he’s going to make sure he stacks the deck. I guarantee you that. Once you get the track record of all these blocked kicks and all these big plays and how it translates in to wins, it makes it a lot easier. With so much history of it, he probably doesn’t have to say much about it.” 

The Boise State / Virginia Tech game is set for Monday night, September 6th. The game will air on ESPN at 8 pm EST. See the entire Week 1 TV schedule right here.