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Chuck Martin explains 'The Luck of the Irish'

Chuck Martin entered this season with his work cut out for him, moving from defensive coordinator to coordinating the offense for the Fighting Irish. At this point, I think that it's safe to say that we all know how that transition went for everyone in South Bend.

Some reporters have referenced "the luck of the Irish" in a number of Notre Dame's wins, but as Martin explains, when people reference good luck it's always reserved for winners, never the losers. So as long as they keep referencing it, then they feel like they're doing something right

"I think in life there is a certain amount of luck in everything that happens. People always wish you good luck, and I always tell them 'Hey, we'll take all the luck we can get'."

"People that have been around team sports in general, and particularly football, know that if you prepare the right way and you do the right things all the time, or at least try to, it seems like those teams get more lucky than the other teams. There are certain people that have won a lot of games, and certain players that have won a lot of games, and the ones that lose never get deemed 'lucky', so the ones that win are always the one that are deemed 'lucky'." Martin explained.

"There are hundreds of plays where both teams are lucky every week. You guys (the media) just tend to pick out one or two that you remember, but we remember a lot more than you guys do."

Switching gears a bit to game planning, Martin explains at about the 10 minute mark why Alabama is near impossible to game plan for in the red zone.

"Since they don't give up many opportunities, unfortunately you're trying to study the opposing tape and there just isn't a whole lot of clips of teams getting down there. In the few clips that teams have gotten inside of the ten, where you can really game plan and organize a good plan, the score is typically like 48-0 and there's none of the starters in."