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Cincinnati Coach: "I had to up my game"

Shannon Morrison accepted a position coaching the corners on Butch Jones' staff back in early March, and noticed that he had to "up his game" shortly after his arrival.

"The way practice is structured, the way practice is run, it's different than anywhere I've been. So I had to increase my intensity, increase my effort, increase a bunch of things there to catch up." he explained.

Morrison also talks about his coaching philosophy. "I'm going to put pressure on them in practice. Whether it's having races to the ball, whether it's chasing them, whether it's screaming at them...I'm going to put more pressure on them in practice so when Saturdays roll around, it's easy."

He also explains how the effort and structure in the weight room really sets Cincinnati apart. "The push that they have from the weight room. That in itself makes this place different, than anywhere I have been. I've been coaching 16 years and this place, and these kids that I have inherited in my position group, are different."

Plenty more from Morrison in the clip below, as well as some good footage of him coaching up a corner on reading a vertical route concept.