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Classic Harbaugh: We call them young Turks, like the Ottoman Empire

After Wednesday afternoon’s practice on The Farm, a reporter asked Jim Harbaugh if it would be ‘running back by committee’ this season due to the graduation of Toby Gerhart.

Harbaugh, as only he could do, responded, “We call them the young Turks, like the Ottoman Empire, you know, 7 or 8 of them that are competing. There’s nothing like competing. They're a good group. We’ve some good experience, good backs.”

Our google search for the understanding of ‘The Ottoman Empire’ led us to this definition: “The empire they (Ottomans) built was the largest and most influential of the Muslim empires of the modern period, and their culture and military expansion crossed over into Europe. While historians like to talk about empires in terms of growth and decline, the Ottomans were a force to be reckoned with, militarily and culturally, right up until the break-up of the empire in the first decades of this century.”

In late July, Harbaugh tweeted, "I sense opportunity in the air today. I saw the Greek god Kairos racing swiftly across the Stanford field in my dream last night. Be ready!"

Gotta admit, he keeps us interested.

In unrelated Stanford news, one of Harbaugh’s new assistant coaches this season is wide receivers coach Pep Hamilton.

In regards to Hamilton, Harbaugh says, “I find myself imitating Pep in some of the things he says because he has a great way of choosing the appropriate word that is really descriptive.”

“As Pep would say, ‘We have evidence’ that we are getting better.”

Below, you can watch “Meet the Coaches – Pep Hamilton.”