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Classic Steve Spurrier

Spurrier’s post-scrimmage media session from Saturday is classic. In a span of five minutes, Spurrier had at least 25 negative things to say about the Gamecocks. Something tells us Spurrier's team will be ready to roll on Thursday night, September 2nd when the South Carolina hosts Southern Miss.

We highly recommend watching the post-practice media session at the bottom. It's pretty funny.

Spurrier says, “One of our typical scrimmages, I guess. Scored a few touchdowns. It was sloppy play, jump offsides, don’t snap the ball the right time, pass protection was not very good, defense did ok, but neither side was very good to tell you the truth.” 

“I think Stephen Garcia got sacked about 5 times out of 15 attempts. Had a bunch of guys open, we just couldn’t get the ball up in the air as often as we should...and we’ve seen that around here before.”

“Guys can’t even line up, some of ‘em can’t even line up onsides. We had a touchdown called back because one of the receivers linen up in the backfield. That’s the kind of stuff you wish we’d be past that now because we’ve got players that have been here for a while. We ain’t corrected them since I’ve been here. Right now, it’s not there. It’s not there at all. Right now, we’re just an average bunch.”

“Gotta get it out of your hand. I don’t care if you whiff everyone of ‘em. Throw it in their bellies. We had all of backwards plays again, which just kills drives. We’ll find out if we got players that want to be coach. We’re just an average bunch right now."

“Nooooo, nooo (they aren’t tired). We haven’t practiced since yesterday morning. They should have been fresh and ready to go. There were some good plays here and there. They weren’t all terrible, they weren’t all terrible plays.” 

“The errors and the mistakes, as you can see Coach Elliott (offensive line coach), he ain’t too happy with his guys. He’ll keep ‘em out here, keep ‘em out till maybe one or two quit that don’t want to get with the program. All we ask is effort. Try to play your assignment with effort, but we’ve had a tough time getting it out of the guys. That’s all you ask, do your assignment with effort.”

“Yeah, we couldn’t run the ball very much today. A lot of sacks. A lot of passing yards. Should’ve had more. Couldn’t get it off, can’t get the ball off. “