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Clemson's new indoor facility aims to simulate game day environment

Clemson got its new indoor facility up and running, and it looks pretty nice.

Here's a 360 degree look at it, complete with a fully functioning score board and video board, as well as four play-clocks to make it as close to a game day atmosphere at possible.

We're sure that they have plans to dress it up a bit, but if they don't they should give our friends at Advent a shout. Take a look at what Advent did with a similar indoor facility at Auburn.

They took a pretty basic facility and made it pop, immediately grabbing the attention of anyone that walks though it. There's a reason why these guys are regarded as the best in the business.

Full disclosure: Advent is not a paid advertiser of the site; but they did participate in the sponsorship of the party we held at the AFCA.