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Coach does the right thing

National singing day went a little differently at Rice than it did for a lot of other programs.

High school defensive end David Wilganowski had his mind made up that Rice was the right fit for him, but back in September he collapsed during a game and almost lost his life.

Wilganowski was later diagnosed with a heart condition and a defibrillator was implanted in his chest, effectively ending his dream of playing college football.

In a classy move by head coach David Bailiff, the scholarship was still honored and Wilganowski will help the team in another capacity.

“We ask young men to keep their word to us, you know we say we’re going to be with them through thick or thin. I think it’s a good practice that you keep your word.” Bailiff said.

Wilganowski's father offered the following after learning of the news “I’m really happy that Rice honored his commitment, God bless Rice.”