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Coach to coach mailbag: Kliff Kingsbury


On Wednesday we asked coaches to provide questions they would like to ask Kliff Kingsbury. We collected the top six and passed them over to Kliff who provided the following responses. 

Questions & Answers

1. Your QBs from Keenum to Manziel and even Smith at West Virginia have the same footwork. It's different from the "type-writer" or "hot feet" technique that some guys teach. Just wondering what the advantage is or why you prefer that technique. Any coaching points appreciated.

KK - I have always had our Qbs use a jab step in their drops in shotgun. It gives them a little more depth from the line, and I’ve always thought the suddenness of the “hot feet” drop when throwing quick game alerts the db that the ball is coming out quickly.

2. How much practice time is spent doing team work, and how much practice time is spent in Indy and group time. 

KK - We spend the majority of our time doing group work. We have a 5 minute indy period at the beginning of practice, and then we’ll get some indy work post-practice.

3. Lubbock, TX is a good ways away from a major city (Albuquerque and Dallas are about five hours away). Do you have a hard time getting top prospects to come see campus?

KK - Come visit.

4. You moved up the coaching ranks rather quickly. What is some practical advice for a coach transitioning from his playing days into his coaching career?

KK - I was very fortunate to have landed with Coach Sumlin to start my career. The success of his programs allowed me to be put in some very good situations to be a successful play caller early on. When I transitioned into coaching my main priority was to learn as much as I could as fast as I could. Tons of film study and lots of LISTENING to other coaches.

5. Coach Kingsbury, what were the first three items on your agenda after assuming your position of head coach at Texas Tech? And how did you feel giving your first press conference at your Alma Mater?

KK - 1. Hire my staff. 2. Put together a solid recruiting class. 3. Build relationships with our current players as quickly as possible. That first press conference was very surreal and humbling. I am very honored to be able to work at a university that has given me so much.


KK - 1. Quick feet 2. Quick release 3. Accuracy. Not all qbs have a monster arm, but those 3 things are all things that can be worked on a daily basis and improved through hard work. I am very fortunate that in the state of Texas so many HS coaches do an incredible job teaching the spread offenses to their qbs which has really expedited the learning curve when they get here.

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