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'Coaches are essentially teachers, so I don't know any worth $7 million'

We've all heard the "coaching is like teaching" quote before, and while we can all agree that it has merit in many cases, there are no teachers out there (that I'm aware of) that are bringing in the type of money for a university that a college football coach is.

Some salaries in the coaching profession are more justified than others, but Mendenhall had one of the top coaches in the profession in mind during an in studio interview that's rumored to be making in the $7 million range next season.

Mendenhall started talking about how he manages to maintain personal integrity by answering to his boss and not boosters, and the man who has been to nine straight bowl games (compiling a 6-2 record) responded by saying "I'm still learning how to do that."

He then went on to explain how his job is much different than 99% of the other FBS coaches because he is essentially an employee of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before using the "coaching is like teaching" line that we're all familiar with, and wrapping up with an interesting philosophical question for everyone to ponder.

"Coaches aren't anything other than teachers, and we're really visible, but I think we've lost of that in the world of college sports." he philosophically explained.

"As for the monetary value, I'm not sure that many teachers, if you were to put a monetary value on it, are worth $7 million dollars. I've had great elementary school teachers, junior high teachers, junior college, and they never thought that they might make that over a lifetime, but the thought that they had any less influence over me than someone who might be making $7 million, that's hard for me to grasp."

"I think we have larger issues, societal issues as an amatuer sport, or as a professional sport, or is it an amatuer sport, or is it entertainment, and what is the direction that we're going to go? Maybe there are coaches that are doing it for the money and the prestige and the power and recognition, so maybe we have a lot to sort included of where this whole college football coaching fits in the gamut of moral decency."

Those are some thought provoking words.