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Coaches direct drills around the Big 12 (Videos)

Iowa State defensive coordinator Wally Burnham says he has a tall challenge this year:

“This is one of the top ones.”

“Even the guys who have played a little bit in our front four have not played a whole lot of football. We need those guys to be lot better than they were last year. That would take a little bit off the linebackers to do it right every time.”

“To the naked eye you probably won’t be able to tell. We are going to add some things that we didn’t do last year that’s going to help us.”

Videos from around the Big 12 conference:

Iowa State runs Paul Rhoads "Funnel Drill"

Texas Longhorns practice video

Willie Martinez take Oklahoma through defensive back drills

Stoops directs Oklahoma Drill

Dat Nguyen directs Texas A&M linebacker drills: