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Coaches explain Oregon's facility as being in 'another dimension'

For members of the Ducks coaching staff like Gary Campbell and Nick Aliotti, officially reporting to their new offices yesterday was nothing short of breathtaking.

"This is probably the finest football facility in the world. If there's one better, I'd like to see it." said Aliotti, who's first stop in Oregon came in 1978 as a grad assistant.

Oregon's website points out that when Campbell, who's entering his 31st season in Eugene, started his tenure with the Ducks he shared an office with three other offensive assistants and each of their desks faced a wall, and if you scooted your chair out from under your desk you'd bump into the coach behind you.

That's a distant memory in the new facility with the offices the coaches have now.

Linebackers coach Don Pellum explained the transition to the new facility best.

"It's very energizing, extremely energizing. Like, let's go practice now. And it's pretty emotional. There was Mac Court, and then when we moved into the Cas Center, it was big-time. And now we're turning the corner to a whole 'nother dimension."

As the article explains that in the coaches offices, desk sits on one end of a long room, with the window behind him looking over the new practice fields. On one wall hangs three flat screen TV's that can be positioned to be watched from anywhere in the office, and the other wall has photos and mementos from the coach's career and photographs of their family.

If that's not impressive enough, Campbell, Aliotti and Pellum each mentioned that the most impressive part of their office is that fact that each of their desks can be raised up with the push of a button to become a standing desk.

That right there is some "other dimension" office material you won't find in stores.

Now that's the definition of having all the bells and whistles. Oregon's new facility quite literally has it all and moving forward, it will be the standard that every other facility is measured to.