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Coaches weigh in on Dabo's proposal

Coaches from around the country took some time to weigh in on Dabo Swinney's proposal to participate in a spring scrimmage against a non conference opponent within reasonable driving distance.

Keeping the distance in mind, many schools would be able to scrimmage an in state foe as long as they aren't in the same conference. That would surely pack the stands and bring in some revenue ($$$).

Take a look at what a few coaches had to say to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the proposal.

Larry Fedora (UNC): “I think that would be great. I think you would get a pretty good idea on where your team is at that time. Putting on spring games against yourself is difficult just because of the amount of kids you have on scholarship that time of year … with your seniors gone and your freshmen not being there yet … plus you have other players out for the spring with injuries. All of that really makes it difficult to do an intra-squad scrimmage. So I think you could benefit from something like a scrimmage opponent in a lot of ways.”

Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech): “Off the cuff, it sounds like it might be a good idea but I really haven’t thought much about it … It can get old practicing against yourself. Anytime you can play or scrimmage against somebody else, it would be good. The NFL certainly does it in training camp. Basketball plays an exhibition before their season.”

Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M): “Dabo wants a jamboree? Why not? I don’t know. That’s a different deal. I think it’s different when you’re in the first year of your program like I am and you need every practice you can get … put it that way. If you ask me a couple of years from now, I might think differently.”

Joker Phillips (Kentucky): “A lot of teams use their spring practices and spring game to get their team better with fundamentals. I would be opposed to playing another vicious game and losing a kid for the rest of the season.” 

Mike London (Virginia): “I know Dabo personally. It’s an innovative idea, particularly when you look at conference realignment and television money. Playing against another team than yourself in the spring may bring in revenue to go toward other sports, non-scholarship sports, or other entities around the university … I imagine there would be some support for that idea if people really started talking seriously about it.”