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Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday August 8, 2010

Quoting Mike London: "All we can do right now is take care of ourselves. Now, it is about what we are doing."

Virginia practice highlights

Quoting Steve Spurrier: “The offensive line didn’t jump off-sides tonight. Might have been the first time we’ve had a complete practice without one of them having a false start. Our line is doing, ahhh, maybe a little bit better than in the past, but we have a ways to go.”

“We’re staying off the ground. We’re trying to practice as smart as we can, not get guys hurt. I know if you don’t play well (some people) will say ‘they’re too nice in practice.’ In reality, it doesn’t do any good to get your guys hurt in practice.”

Quoting Steve Sarkisian: (on having to coach this year at BYU, his alma mater) "I think it could be weird in a sense maybe leading up to the game because I have great memories there, special moments. We won a lot of football games there but once the game, is kicked off its football, and we will play."

Quoting USC special teams coordinator John Baxter: "I'm hired to do this and for the first time in 29 years I can just focus on this and nothing else. Lane really wanted to make sure our guys understood the technique, fundamentals and details of that facet of the game. I didn't watch one second of USC film before I got here because they weren't doing anything structurally that matches what I do."

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "We hired the best guy in the country by going out to get John Baxter and his resume proves that. I can already tell a difference in the emphasis and in our players and their response. We're going to need to be good on special teams as we look at [the team] in the long run if we're going to be limited scholarship-wise with these penalties. We're going to have to play great special teams because we're not going to be better than everybody else with limited players. Not only are we losing out on 10 [scholarship] players a year that we can get but that's 10 a year that's going to the rest of the conference."

Gus Malzahn & Ted Roof video interviews

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: “CMU has proven it can be at the top of the MAC, having won 12 games last year. I told someone the other day who asked why we have the BCS logo on things around the office — if Central would have beaten Arizona and Boston College last year, people would have been talking about them playing in a BCS bowl.”

Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter: "If you have kids with similar talents that you're trying to decide between, you've got to look at which kids are in situations that put themselves in the best position to be successful at this level. We obviously want good athletes that can add to the program and put both him and the program in a position to be successful. But we also want young men of character who will represent this program and team well in public, in class, when they go back home and after they leave here. That's what we want for this program and what we will go after."

Quoting Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit: “What we have now are guys that understand what it’s all about. I think there is a refocus. When you go 5-7 (as we did last year), you’re not happy, and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“We’ve got to do a better job at being more physical and creating turnovers. We’re a bit more athletic, and I think we’re bigger than we’ve ever been on the defensive line.”