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Coaches Quick Hits

Here are a few interesting quotes from around the country:

Quoting Fresno State head coach Pat Hill: "We have to get better on defense. The key to the season is that our defense plays at a high level."

Quoting David Cutlciffe: "What we're switching to is 'multicality.' We've been so pure 4-3. We're going to be in a lot of personnel groupings. ... We had a lot of fun watching it in the spring. It really puts a premium on speed. We're going to put a lot of speed on the field."

"We're going to throw it, everyone knows that. But we are going to run it better."

Quoting Oklahoma State OC Dana Holgorsen: "I don't feel any pressure. What you worry about are things you can control, and what I can control is... making sure everyone is on the same page. Getting maximum effort out there on the practice field so that we put a decent product out there (against Washington State in the Sept. 4 opener)."

Quoting Skip Holtz: (on the placement of the helmet during stretch) "That's what the game is. It's the details and the little things. We put it (helmet) on the right. The face mask goes on the back edge, and they all have to be in a line. I told them if we can't get that little thing down, we'll learn to flex with our helmets on. It's amazing how quick they pick it up."

"We don't need to reinvent the wheel. The last two programs I've gone into, I've said, 'Take an eraser. Erase it. I don't care what you've done, this is how we're doing it.' Here, it's not broke. There's some things we need to tweak. I don't want to just turn the program upside down because there are a lot of parts of this program that are run very efficiently to give us a chance to have success."

Quoting Ruffin McNeill: "That's what I believe in, having faced it for 10 years on a year-in, year-out basis in the spring and the fall. That's what I wanted to do. Of course, I told Lincoln to put his own flavor into it, whatever he wants to add to it, too, but that'll be the basic concept." 

"That helped. But I had watched him coach and been around him. We raised him from a lamb to a ram when he was a young coach. But the Michigan State game really helped. In the game, hearing him on the headphones, hearing how he flowed and the confidence factor there, understanding where and when and what time to call, timing, I thought that was a big part of it."

Quoting FIU head coach Mario Christobol: “The Sun Belt Conference is up for grabs. ”A lot of the teams, from a talent standpoint, are starting to even out a little bit, so the conference will be a battle until the end. And we expect to be in that battle.''

“We have high expectations for ourselves as individuals. Football will always be the most competitive sport in the world. You'll never hear me predicting wins and losses. But our expectations are always going to be as high as the sky, and that's why we work like absolute maniacs on a daily basis.''

Quoting Bill Stewart: "We got our butt beat at East Carolina two years ago. You better not take his team lightly, because they will beat you and beat you soundly. We know Coach Holtz. He's pretty special. He'll have a good plan."

Quoting Oklahoma OC Kevin Wilson: "Some guys may only play 45 or 55 snaps a game. Maybe because we don't have a phenomenally superior great one, maybe our second guy is about good as the (starter). We'll see... Will all 12 guys play? No. But the space from 12 to 1 is a lot closer than it's been the past couple of years."

"When you look at 13- or 14-game haul over 18 weeks, can somebody hold up? Can a guy start and play all 80 snaps in week three, week five all the way through? There's greater competition with some second-team guys pushing some first-team guys. Maybe some guys will split time."