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Coaches Quick Hits

Quotes and links from around the country:

Quoting Jim Harbaugh: "A lot of people that espouse to Catholicism and Christianity view Jan. 1 as the start of the new year. But we look at the first day of training camp as the beginning of the new year."

Quoting Houston Nutt: (on the QB depth chart) "It's even. We're evenly dividing the plays. When we get closer to that first scrimmage we'll know more."

Quoting New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley: (on leaving campus for camp) "This year we began looking into the possibilities of holding practices off-campus. We held camp off campus at my previous stop (University of Illinois) and it worked well. The obvious benefits to this are exposing the Lobos football program to different parts of the state and saving wear-and-tear on our own fields.”

"We're excited to be here. R.D. Hubbard spearheaded the effort and the community of Ruidoso came together to make this happen. While our accommodations are very nice, this is not a holiday. It's all about work and improving our program."

Quoting UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham: “The key to the success of the 3-4 is that you must be physical up front. You’ve got to be hard to run on. The front seven must be very physical. You want the quarterback to have to hold the ball a second longer before he throws it. Your outside ’backers must get to the quarterback, harass and hurry him.”

“In pro ball there is a lot of personnel turnover with free agency. College graduation creates the same challenge, so the 3-4, I think, helps you better utilize your personnel. We have some guys who can run, which is important, but the key is to be physical as you run. Defensive players must play special teams. One play can affect field position and can be the difference in a game.”

Wisconsin defensive line / specialists coach Charlie Partridge post-practice video interview

UVA video production with Mike London

Quoting San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre: (on facing Alabama in season-pener) "I've tried to prepare them on how hot it is going to be, how humid it's going to be, how loud it's going to be. What it is going to take to be able to compete."

Quoting UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck: “We're believers in what we do. I think we can win here, but the variable is time. I don't have a crystal ball to say how long it's going to take. I wish I could stand here and tell you we're going to win 13 games this year, but you'd have me checked into a rubber room.”

Quoting Michigan State DC Pat Narduzzi: "You know, we don't really look at those stats. Stats are for losers is what we've always said. I mean we don't look at stats. Stats mean absolutely nothing. Scoring defense and scoring offense is the most important thing. You know, we talk field position, important thing. Time of possession is an important thing.”

Quoting Mark Dantonio: (on DC Pat Narduzzi) "Pat's an extremely gifted coach, an outstanding motivator. The players love him and he does an outstanding job getting us ready to go. Preparation. No stone is left unturned."

Mississippi State player Cameron Lawrence describes defensive coordinator Manny Diaz: “He’s all about getting excited, getting hyped. That’s one thing a defense has to have, it kind of has to have a little swag. That’s one thing Coach Diaz has, he has a little swag about him.”

Quoting Oklahoma State DC Bill Young: "I got way too much credit for what happened last year," he says. "We had veteran players, and our assistant coaching staff on defense is phenomenal. It's not just one guy calling everything. It's everybody."

FIU head coach Mario Christobal media day session: