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Cobb blasts UK fans, Joker addresses the issue

On Sunday, Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb blasted Kentucky fans via twitter. Coming off a 31-28 win over South Carolina, @rcobb18 let it rip.

Cobb tweeted, “To all the fans, love seeing Yall come late, love hearing yall tell us we suck during game, love that we have to play against our…

…Own fans too. Love that we can’t pack the house when we play the #10 team in the nation. It means that much more to me. I love my….

…My team. Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back. The rest of yall can get ready for bball season!”

Today, Joker Phillips addressed the issue by saying, “He is a 19-, 20-year-old kid that doesn’t always understand how to deal with it when people react in a way he doesn’t think they should react. I am 47 and I am really just now figuring out how to react to those things.” I am 58 and still don’t always react the right way. I might lose my cool and fire off an e-mail I wish I delete or let my mouth get in the way of my brain with words that come out I quickly want to take back."

 “I don’t do it (Twitter) a lot. I have thought about it (banning Twitter). We will try to make a decision,” Phillips said. “We have to try and get our arms around it. But I also want to give these guys a chance to express themselves, but not in a way that might harm someone else. We have to get a little bit smarter about it.”

Kentucky returns to action on Saturday when the Wildcats host Georgia at 7:30 pm EST.