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Which NFL team is most similar to your college team?


Ever get a crazy thought rolling around your head that won't go away? We had one of those the other day, wondering which college teams most easily compared with the NFL. Here's how we view the 32 NFL franchises translated into the college game, and vice versa. Trot this topic out for debate the next time you've got some down time in a staff meeting and hit us back if you think you've got a comparison that's better. Who knows? We may even update our list.




In a vacuum, if you watch this team play you would be certain they've lost at least three games by now. Then you check the standings, look at your calendar, and realize it's practically November and yet they're still undefeated. For now, at least.



Once upon a time, Andrew Luck and Pep Hamilton teamed up to restore a once-proud organization. The Colts have doubled down on history repeating itself. 



Points on points on points on points. Not exactly sure how we were able to land this guy (Peyton Manning, Art Briles) but we're going to cherish every moment he's here.


A head coach with a positive vibe that energizes every single member of the organization. A diminutive quarterback with XXXXL-sized moxie that took control of the locker room the first chance he got. And an epic legal battle over the rights to wave 12th Man towels.


If you ever need to remind yourself of the value of a good head coach, look at the life this team has shown in 2013 after bumbling through underachieving 2012 seasons with largely the same group of players. Head coach also doubles as the coolest guy in the room. In certain situations, head coach may play with 10 on defense if it meant he could use 12 on offense. 


You may not want to spend a day at the pumpkin patch with their head coach, but you can't deny his unbreakable compulsion to grind his team to victory if nothing else than through the sheer strength of his iron will. Head coach is more likely to remember they play call on 3rd-and-5 from his own 42-yard line with 9:06 to play in the third quarter of a game from October 4, 2008 than his own birthday.


As far as you know, the head coach is operating on an understood lifetime contract with management despite an up-and-down tenure. Everything has gone well so far this season, though we're only through October. 


Coached by a living legend, win with unrelenting consistency despite constant roster turnover. CBS sends its top broadcasting crew after them so often, it might be time to file for a restraining order.


Sure, the previous quarterback accomplished some great things but the current guy you've got under center hasn't left you feeling nostalgic for even one second.


Led by a well-respected head coach with a sharp offensive mind that's doing the best he can despite an omnipresent black cloud (NCAA sanctions, Jerry Jones). 


Every game leaves you wondering if this will be the day your head coach finally loses the battle with that little Tasmanian devil inside him and he punches somebody.


Playing in the shadows of some bigger names in their region, they put the game in the hands of their quarterback every week and it's up to you to stop it. (Fifty percent of the time, you probably will.)


Hired a head coach from a far away land (Utah, Canada). Consistent success yet still a step away from the truly elite. Exists in the shadow of the Packers. 


A household name at quarterback, and winning on the heels of your defense (more times than not) make these two teams near mirror images of one another.


Led by a husky, bombastic head coach that seemingly has done more talking than winning lately.


Shown some promising signs under a new head coach, but football is still just an extended prologue to basketball season.


Their wins aren't going to bowl you over, their losses are understandable yet present in equal or greater numbers than their win totals. A middle of the road team in the middle of Tennessee. 


Though buzzards have circled around his head for more than a year now, the head coach has an undefeated record in games he absolutely has to win. These two may be stuck with each other as long as that continues. 


Whether you realize it or not, their ideas permeate through the entire country. I feel like there's some other connection here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


A head coach-quarterback combination that have been together for a long time, won their share of wars, and ended last season in agony on the Georgia Dome floor as they came one play shy of playing for a long-awaited championship. Nearly a year later, each organization hasn't fully recovered. 


A pair of teams that are going to get the most out of their quarterbacks, fight hard for 60 minutes...and not be seen outside of upstate New York. 


You're reasonably certain this team still plays football every weekend, though you can't say for sure because you haven't watched it happen with your own eyes for years now.


An oldest of the old-school head coach in an Odd Couple relationship with a quarterback who is anything but old school. The first stage of the relationship was great, but stage two is still to be determined.


Show me a team with a brutal schedule and suspect quarterback play, and I'll show you a team going through a rebuilding phase. Check back in a year or three. 


Their head coach has already done more than enough to merit a statue outside the stadium, yet he's still young enough that he could stick around for another two decades if he doesn't get bored and wander off first. Everyone in the organization works to a standard, from the head coach to the part-time janitor. This season has served as a rare reminder that they had it pretty darn good in the previous decade.


A head coach that is the only thing your fan base can remember, and results that have left even your most die hard fans disappointed and your entire fan base wanting to fast forward to the end of the season.


Head coach has registered his share of accomplishments in football, though at the moment you're having a hard time remembering what they were. Quarterback came to the team highly-touted, though at the moment you're having a hard time remembering why.


Both teams have fresh head coaches, and quarterbacks who scare opposing defensive coordinators with their running ability more than their passing prowess.



A near guarantee to win between nine and 11 games and be in the mix for a conference championship every single year. Check the standings this year, though, and they've won two games and out of the mix in their division, let alone the conference. 



If that running game gets going, you're going down and you're going down hard. If not, well, you're probably in for a comfortable victory. 



Hard to believe now that head coaching hire actually looked like a good idea to someone at the time.



At this point, you're not sure whether their players, coaches and fans need a salute, a handshake or a hug.