Colorado offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy explains his style

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After serving as the running backs coach with the Minnesota Vikings for the past five seasons, Eric Bieniemy has return to his alma mater as the offensive coordinator / running backs coach.

With Spring practice underway in Boulder, Bieniemy explained his style of coaching to the Daily Camera.

Bieniemy said, "I always tell my guys, I coach hard, but I coach fair. I'm your biggest fan and I expect you to be great at all times. If we make a mistake, things happen. If we physically get beat, things happen. If we make a mental error, I take personal issue with that."

"I think it takes a while to get used to, but one thing I always tell them is don't confuse the message with the speech. Make sure you listen and hear what I'm saying. The thing is, we spend X amount of time making sure we're giving you the correct information, and when they do it right, I'm going to be the first one to praise them. When they do it wrong, I'm going to critique them and make sure they understand why they did it wrong and make sure I stay on their tail so that that they don't make the same mistake again.”

Biemieny is working with Rip Scherer (quarterbacks), Bobby Kennedy (wide receivers), Steve Marshall (offensive line), and JD Brookhart (special teams coordinator / tight ends / passing game coordinator).

Colorado opens at Hawaii (brick game). The Buffaloes then play Cal, Colorado State (in Denver), and at Ohio State.