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Colorado to add "a number of staffers" to help recruiting

Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn said that they plan to hire a number of staffers to aid in recruiting as early as next spring.

The additional personnel, totaling about six people, will not count against the NCAA's limit of coaches allowed to hit the road and recruit. Instead, they will be used to help identify, evaluate, and support prospective student athletes and help them in the transition in Boulder. Basically, they'll be taking care of the behind the scenes stuff, so that the coaches can go out and do what they do...which is recruit.

"It'd be huge. Right now, all the legwork and all that we're doing now takes away from all the other stuff we should be doing from an X and O standpoint, or anything else. Things like transcripts, all that stuff." head coach Jon Embree said.

The importance of recruiting was not lost on Bohn either, who said that he plans to add staffers to all athletic programs, starting off with football.

"The recruiting process is not emphasized or invested in at the level it needs to be. We recognize across the board, with all of our coaches when we meet, that it's about recruiting and about competing in this league of champions."

"We're trying to emphasize what we believe is integral to our success, and it's recruiting. We believe we have outstanding coaches who are recruiting and we want to further bolster their data, their research and their information for them to be better so they can attract (players) to what we believe is the premier college community in the country." Bohn explained.

As the Denver Post points out, the Buffaloes have only eight seniors on their roster, which is tied with Indiana for the second fewest in the country (Rice has just seven). So while coaches out on the road recruiting players that can compete at a Pac 12 level is very important, it is just as important for them to take measures to retain, educate, and develop the student athletes once they get on campus.

Good move here.