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Colt McCoy's wife randomly calls ESPN radio, disgusted with boosters


Colt McCoy’s wife, Rachel, made a random phone call to ESPN Radio this morning during The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Rachel McCoy is disgusted at how boosters and educated men try to provide gifts and free dinners to Texas players, specifically Colt.

Rachel McCoy said Colt was regularly offered free dinners, but “people in Texas are just being friendly and they don’t mean anything by it at all.”

Here’s the problem, however.

“You’ve got guys who are grown adult men with law degrees, educated men, you look at it and say what are they going to gain from this. Really, to me, it’s to say I bought ‘so and so’ dinner. Hey, I took ‘so and so’ to do this. These grown men, it’s just their pride.”

“My joke is my biggest competition with Colt is not girls, it’s 40 year-old men who want to say, ‘Hey, I did this with Colt.’”

“You have to go after these adult men.”

“You cannot expect 19 or 20 year-old kids to say no to free stuff when they are in college. It’s silly. We need to make something more set for these adults to keep them accountable. I just think it’s to be able to tell their buddies, honestly.”

“Most of these boosters, it’s not to make them player better, they are not giving them cars to play better. They’re not going to play better if you give them a car. But they want to be remembered down the line when the make it to the NFL, they think they’ll be remembered as they guy that help me. They’re not going to be remembered because they bought them a car or dinner.”

And let’s be honest, if anyone knows what really goes on, it’s probably the longtime girlfriend of the starting quarterback at the University of Texas.