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Colts "suspend" Tressel

A few days ago Colts head coach Jim Caldwell announced that he has hired Jim Tressel has a "game day" only consultant. Tressel's responsibilities supposedly include sitting in box and watching the monitor to make recommendations to Caldwell about replay reviews. 

OK so get this, the Colts this morning, in an apparent bow to commissioner Goodell, have "suspended" Tressel for the first 6 games.

The NFL is beating it's chest a little. Seriously? The man was hired for a one day a week gig, to sit in the box and oversee replay. "Suspending" him such that he can't start his replay job until week 7. That's the right message? 

We're not pushing one way or the other here; but this just seems ridiculous. If you're going to attempt to punish him / send a message, is the right way to do it to tell him that he can't serve as a game day consultant until week 7?