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Communication during times of transition

New head coaches have an incredible amount of work to get done in their first few weeks. Those weeks require coaches to assemble a staff, finish out a recruiting class while familiarizing themselves with the current roster and, at the same time, uproot their families to a new location. There's no doubt it's a stressful time.

That stress, however, isn't just felt in the head coach's office. It permeates throughout the entire building. The time when a new head coach has been hired and some of the former staff are in limbo can be an incredibly challenging time for everyone involved, including for the wives and children of the staff members. One small suggestion we have for everyone in this situation is to communicate as much as possible. 

New head coaches should meet with every staff member remaining from the old staff. Not just the coaches, but every person (grad assistant, recruiting assistant and administrative personnel from the top down). The new head coach should let each person know whether he expects to retain them, not retain them or if he is still evaluating the situation. 

People on the old staff understand the business and understand that they might be let go, but do tell them where they stand and keep them informed. They will respect you more and be better prepared to make decisions for themselves. Any feedback, even if its "I don't know yet", beats silence...and "I don't know yet; but let's get back together on Thursday and discuss" is much better.

Uncertainty and instability often leads to poor decisions. Keeping everyone informed and communicating regularly goes a long, long way.