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Contract news, Sumlin's interesting stat, Moss' remix, and UAB's new stadium?

You don't sneak a clause into a coach's contract, but Auburn wants something quite interesting in basketball coach Tony Barbee's contract: According to the Birmingham News, "The clause stated that, should the NCAA launch an investigation into the basketball program, Barbee's salary would be reduced by a significant amount during the investigation itself. That means before the NCAA determined whether the program was guilty of anything." 

UAB head coach Neil Callaway reacts to news that UAB could start moving forward on an on-campus stadium: "I'm am very excited about that possibility. We desperately need that. I think it is something that would help put us over the top as far as not only being on campus, which is great for our student body and alumni, but it shows the commitment that needs to be made. I think our players and recruiting would benefit from it."

Quoting Mike Leach: "I need a place that believes in me and my body of work and not a place that's going to let a bunch of politics get involved."

Dennis Erickson hoping not to hear “Fight On” too often on Saturday night: “I was trying to memorize the words [of “Fight On”]. I have heard that a lot of times. A couple times I have been in that stadium [as coach of other teams] where that thing just kept going. The [Trojan] Horse almost dropped. We just wanted to get used to it.”

Kevin Sumlin says 75-78 programs recruit the city of Houston: “We did a study and out of the 120 division ones schools in the country, between 75-78 were recruiting not just the state of Texas, but Houston. There is tremendous competition because people know there are players here.”

Jimbo thinking about using some no-huddle: “We’re thin at wide out, so it could be an issue there. We’re also thin at tight end. (But) probably, when you get right down to it. … could do it. May do it.”

“We could do it if we wanted to, but also you have to remember that you go three and out that’s also another shot at the defense. We didn’t do it early because we wanted our defense to get our feet on the ground. If we had done it the other day, we might have scored more or we might have gotten a couple three and outs and gotten them the ball more. … We have to look at it.”

In case you missed NFL Countdown on Sunday, here is DJ Steve Porter's remix featuring Randy Moss. Pretty funny and worth watching, so check it out, already 980,000 views: