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Coordinator fines QB for poor body language

NY Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is now fining Mark Sanchez for poor body language: "Today, there was a play in practice when he screwed something up. He kind of looked like it was someone else's fault. That's a fine."

(referring to Sanchez in 2009) "He'd be broke. As much money as he has, he'd be broke with all the body language he had last year."

Mike Stoops really pleased with QB play: “To really have two quarterbacks play at this level is really unusual. It’s a pretty lethal combination.”

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney addresses issues: “Defensively, we played more than well enough to win (at Boston College). We give up 16 points. You’re supposed to win. Probably the most disappointing thing for me was that we missed on some real critical execution things offensively. We didn’t come away with points in the red zone. They were 3-3 on field goals. We were 1-3. And we fumble a kick-return.”

“You have to stay together. Be realistic and honest with each other. The old saying, ‘They remember November.’ That’s what we have to focus on.” 

“We only start four seniors on this football team. Our margin of error is not really big.” 

“We probably wouldn’t even be 4-4 without Kyle Parker. He played a terrible game at Boston College, but he has not had a bad season.”

The latest "Behind-the Scenes" with Turner Gill and Kansas:

The Gridiron - Week 8 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.