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Could everyone's favorite O-Line coach appear on the Food Network?

If there's one offensive line coach in the country that's cut out for a TV appearance (factoring in their respect among the coaching profession and pure enterainment factor), Vanderbilt's Herb Hand has got to be at the top of the list. If you disagree, you obviously haven't seen this video of him doing the worm during a team meeting last year.

According to Hand's Twitter account, he's been named a finalist to appear on the Food Network's "Chopped", which showcases four chefs competing against each other cooking up a "mystery ingredient". The chefs have to beat the clock and present the meal or dessert to a panel of judges who then render their decisions based on taste and creativity, amongst other criteria.

Below is the tweet from Hand showing the email notifying that he's been chosen as a finalist.

As if the image of coach Hand working his magic in the kitchen under pressure wasn't enticing enough, he also sent out this tweet mentioning the host of "Chopped", Ted Allen.

C'mon Food Network. Make this happen.