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Photo: Adidas debuts pink Mississippi State jersey concept


October has become the month of pink arm bands, wrist bands, cleats and other accessories in football over the past few years. The NFL's breast cancer awareness initiative has mostly been confined to the league itself, but college and high school programs have commonly adopted pink as an accent shade for a game or two every fall.

But no one, not even the pinkest of NFL teams, has taken it to the level of Adidas' prototype Mississippi State jersey shown below. Here is where we caution that many of these concepts, heck, even most of them, never see the field, and that seems especially important here. Especially when you see a tweet like this from Bulldogs athletic director Scott Stricklin.

But anyone who watched March Madness or the NCAA baseball tournament should know never to doubt what Adidas is capable of. For the record, Mississippi State hosts LSU, Bowling Green and Kentucky during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

(H/T @EyeOnCFB)