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Could Washington be the next team to join the chrome helmet movement?


If your team is playing Washington this year it might be a good idea to pack some extra eye black, just in case. 

Oregon started the chrome helmet fad in the 2012 Rose Bowl, and the Ducks were joined by Michigan State and North Carolina during the fall.

Photos have already surfaced of a gold chrome helmet that Baylor will wear in 2013 and, if a photo that popped up on Twitter Tuesday is to be believed, Washington will join the club as well. 

The photo has since been taken down, so these helmets are anything but confirmed as game-ready. But, if the Huskies do opt not to wear their chrome alternates, they could be leaving a competitive advantage on the sidelines.

Anyone who watched that 2012 Rose Bowl remembers how bright and reflective Oregon's chrome helmets could be when hit by the right angle of sunlight, specifically in the first half (watch any close-up angle in this video if you don't believe me). The glare faded as the sun went down, but that may be different on a shiny gold lid compared to Oregon's dark silver helmets.