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Crazy stats involving turnovers in the SEC

Mr. SEC has done an impressive statistical analysis of the impact of turnovers on winning in the Southeastern Conference games.

In 37 of 49 SEC games last year, one team had fewer turnovers than their opponent. The team with the fewer turnovers was 32-5.

How about this hardcore stat?

During in-conference games since 2007, SEC teams are 56-19 (75%) when not committing a turnover. Commit 2 turnovers and your chances of winning drop to 45%. Since 2007, when committing 2 turnovers, SEC teams are 40-47.

Props to Mr. SEC on this statistical breakdown. You can see the entire turnover breakdown, right here.

Want more hardcore statistical breakdowns? Check out the Slow Grind Defensive Efficiency Chart.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed, but we are hearing several grad assistants including Kevin Garver (Alabama), Eli Drinkwitz (Auburn), Jeff Blasko (Florida), and Chino Fontonette (Tennessee) have already printed this article for their coordinators.