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Crowton may coach from sidelines, SEC takeaways, and Tracy Rocker's goals

Les Miles says offensive coordinator Gary Crowton may move to sidelines: “We talked possibly about being on the field for Coach Crowton. We’re still talking about it. The communication between Gary and I is not the issue. The issue is making sure the quarterbacks get the information and have somebody to meet with immediately.” 

“I think the play-calling, minus the back-end (Tennessee game), was excellent.”

Takeaways by SEC teams over last 3 years : FL 72, Bama 69, Van 56, TN 54, OM 53, Aub 52, Ark 51, SC 51, KY 50, MSU 48, LSU 48, GEORGIA 34.

Auburn defensive line coach Tracy Rocker talks about defensive line goals: “That’s a selling point everyday in the meeting room. We’re going to have to create plays as this year keeps going on and on. We’re in a big month now and it will prepare us for November.”

“Everybody keeps talking about us hitting the quarterback. I’m proud of it. I’m proud of what we do every game. I think they enjoy that, but as a coach, you always come back to, my selling point everyday… “Can you do it again? Can you do it again? And that’s what it boils down to. Can we do it again?”

“I’m not asking them to knock the guy out. Our job is to pressure the quarterback, sack the quarterback, and contain the quarterback. After that, do your job…stop the run and keep things in front of us. I want everyone to play within the defense, understand the structure of it, and keep improving.”

Quoting UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough: "We got a lot of young guys playing, so you can't get too complicated or it won't look pretty. We can do more as they understand the concepts. If you make them start thinking too much, you'll take away their speed."

Illinois DC Vic Koenning concerned about depth: "There's really not a middle ground for us. We've got to be hammer-down, playing as hard as we can play with a high motor and almost be electric -- or we're not very good."

"We haven't been worth [crud] in my thought (in red zone). We don't have enough safeties or enough D-linemen to play goal-line package, so have to continue to play our base package. It’s been something we need to do a better job of and work on it. But in fairness to us, we're handicapped down there."

Doug Marrone says USF defense running to ball better than last year: “This isn’t any disrespect for the coaches last year. I’ve only seen them one year, but I do see them running to the football and doing a lot of good things technically. They’re running to the football with more discipline and more hustle, and they have great athletes on the field.”