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Cutcliffe describes unique quarterback

Coaches enjoy working with players that want to be coached. And every so often, coaches will have a unique opportunity to tutor a player that is totally immersed in learning the game and getting better.

Based on David Cutcliffe’s comments about his quarterback Sean Renfree, there is no doubt that Cutcliffe believes Duke can become bowl eligible with this quarterback leading the way.

Cutcliffe says, “He has totally thrown himself into being the best he can be. He goes through endless hours of videotapes — NFL game tape, Duke game tape, Tennessee tape — working with receivers on perfecting routes. He is totally immersed in being a quarterback as well as being an outstanding student.”

“Sean has learned that in the world he has chosen, the most important ability he has is time management. When we talked early on about his goals and what he really wanted to accomplish in football,he told me he wanted to be as good as there has ever been here. When you say that, we are going to ask you to back that up.”

As a redshirt sophomore, Renfree finished the 2010 season with 14 TD / 17 INT.

Cutcliffe added, “You have to know who you are throwing to. Know his speed, his ability to catch the ball and where he can catch the ball; know what kind of ball he can catch. You’re not just throwing to a position, you are throwing to a person. In the backyard growing up, you understood who could catch the ball with one hand or catch it over his head at the fence post. The more you learn about how your receivers catch the ball, how they like the ball thrown to them and in what situations you know they will make the catch, the better quarterback you will be. You can’t just play the game blind. You have to know what is happening on the field. You have to have awareness on the field. That’s what makes Sean Renfree a special quarterback.”

The Blue Devils open with Richmond and Stanford. Both games are at Wallace-Wade Stadium in Raleigh. The schedule appears to give the Blue Devils a legitimate chance to become bowl eligible.

The schedule includes Richmond, Tulane, and Wake Forest at home. Road trips include Boston College, FIU, and Virginia. In Cutcliffe’s fourth year, this could also be the year that Duke pulls a serious upset.