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Cutcliffe explains his state of mind after 3 game slide

Despite a three-game losing streak (Wake, Bama, Army), Duke head coach David Cutcliffe is not panicking. 

During his weekly press conference today, Cutcliffe said, “Doesn’t concern me at all because everything we do we do it like winners. You’re only a loser if you let yourself be a loser. I don’t care what walk of life you are in, it doesn’t matter when it’s college football, or sport, or business. If you carry yourself like a loser, you will eventually be that.”

“We will continue to carry ourselves like winners because that’s all that is expected here. And if we continue and we like winners, and work like winners, not just carry yourself, but work like winners, that’s how you work your way out of it. You know how big that reward is? That’s huge. And it’s lasting and carries a long way. I’m honestly not one bit concerned about it. That’s why I’m not in a bad state of mind because I know we will not give in to being a loser. We are not going to have losers in our program.”

Duke travels to Maryland this weekend.

Cutcliffe said, “I view this as an absolutely awesome opportunity to continue to grow our program where we want it to go. We will not give in to this.”

“My hat’s off to Maryland. They had a tough year a year ago. They are a 3-1 football team. They (Maryland) have obviously done the same thing. They’ve worked themselves right out of it (tough times). We will by far and away have to play our best football this year to be able to be in the game and to play well enough to win this game.”

“The two disappointing things thus far are probably the number of big plays we’ve given up on offense and the turnovers on offense.”

Kick-off is set for 6:00 pm EST.