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Cutcliffe: If you're a QB and you're not smart enough...

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe is really excited about coaching red-shirt sophomore quarterback Sean Renfree. Cutcliffe is also thrilled that former quarterback Thad Lewis has made the St. Louis Rams 53-man roster. 

Regarding Renfree, Cutcliffe explains, “He has command because he’s worked at it. He’s a brilliant young man. He puts the time in. It’s serious business to him. We (Renfree) were watching Phillip Rivers, watching football and defense and some things together, and it’s really interesting when you get around a special one. Generally, it’s like watching it with a coach. Sean has a great understanding of the game.”

“What we do when training a quarterback, we’re going to spend about two years teaching them defense. We’re watching the Jets and Cowboys on defense and the Packers on defense, and he understands what’s going on. That will benefit him greatly.”

After talking about his excitement for Thad Lewis making the St. Louis Rams roster, Cutcliffe said, “What it did was it rewarded hard work. Thank goodness it paid off for him. I love seeing good things happen to good people. Everybody not only loved Thad, but respected Thad. Whatever he chooses to do after football, he’ll do real well. Folks ought to be lined up right now trying to hire him. He is just such a special young man.”

Asked if Lewis’ remarkable improvement and success in a short period under Cutcliffe would help recruiting, Cutcliffe responded, “If you’re a quarterback and you’re not smart enough to see what we can do with quarterbacks, I don’t want you. I’m not being cocky. It’s just a fact now. It’s kinda plain and simple.”

Duke travels to Wake Forest this weekend. Kick-off is set for 1 pm EST on Raycom / ESPN-GP.