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Cutcliffe pleased with conditioning level & leadership

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe was upbeat and enthusiastic when meeting with reporters on the first day of practice.

Cutcliffe stated, “From a standpoint of energy and a standpoint of conditioning, it’s probably the best team I’ve been around. Now that doesn’t necessarily compute to all the things you want. It think this team is in tremendous shape. I think emotionally they are in great shape. I think the leadership to this point is where we want it to be. Now, here’s the real test.” 

“I feel like we are the last team in college football to start.”

“65% of our team are freshmen and sophomores. I think those guys came in here expecting to win. I hope they truly believe that because we believe that. We know we are going to win.”

(on QB Sean Renfree) “He walks around here like a senior, which is what you want. He’s played well when he has played. He has proven to be one of those special leaders.” 

“I think we’re going to play more people on defense. We were playing people (in the past) start to finish on defense over and over. It requires alot of energy to do that. We've got to get that corrected.”

You can watch Cutcliffe's interview here.