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D-II program has a competition within the coaches office

A few weeks back, we profiled how Concord University (D-II - WV) was taking their offseason workouts to the next level after an 8-3 season. Come to find out, they're also spicing things up in the coaches offices by holding a friendly video competition between the grad assistants.

Concord head coach Garin Justice challenged each of his grad assistants to create a video of their off season workouts, with their own spin to see which guy could rack up the most views. So in the name of competition, take a look at each video (the first one can be seen here), and then watch your favorite one again.

We often touch on the different strategies that coaches and strength staffs use to spice things up for players, but keep in mind that your grad assistants are grinding it out too. This approach has likely infused some good natured competition (and trash talk) into the coaches office, both of which are always good things.