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This is how you showcase a D-II program on the rise

In the two seasons prior to the kickoff of the 2013 season, Assumption College (D-II - MA) won a total of 7 games.

This season was much more eventful, both on the field and off. Back in late October a few members of the staff saved a man from being mugged, and that good karma carried through the football season where the program notched their first 6 win campaign since 2010.

All but one of their five losses this season came by less than 10 points, and with the explosiveness that they have on both sides of the ball, and that good karma following them around on the recruiting trail after receiving national attention for rescuing the mugging victim, things are looking really good for this program in 2014.

Think about it; after seeing this highlight, what parent wouldn't want to send their kid to play for a program on the rise, coached by men of great character? This staff has a ton to sell on the recruiting trail this off season.